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MSc (Graduated)

By Research

  1. MEGAT AZLAN BIN MOHAMED AZMI (2016), Copper (Cu2+) removal by Bio flocculations produces from Bacillus subtillis BSIA.
  2. MOHD FIRDAUS BIN OTHMAN Production of acetic and butyric acid from treated leachate by Clostridium butyricum NCIMB 7423 in stirred tank and membrane bioreactor.
  3. MOHD REDZUAN BIN TAMAT. Effect of various leachate components on the production of acetic and butyric acid by Clostridium Butyricum NCIMB 7423.
  4. NOOR AINA MOHAMAD ZUKI,DEVELOPMENTof Jackfruit Seed Starch as Novel Natural Coagulant for Landfill Leachate Treatment, 2016.
  5. NUR FATIHAH BTE MUHAMAD HANAFI (2015); Landfill Leachate Treatment By Combined Electro-Fenton and Sequencing Batch Reactor.
  6. NUR IZZATUL AKMAL MOHD ZAKI. Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic of dyes adsorption on biomass based activated carbon, 2015.
  7. NUR NASUHA BINTI AHMAD PUAT,  Bio-Regenerative Treatments of Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater Using Bio-Fringe and White Jute (CorchoresCapsularis) (As main supervisor), 2015
  8. NUR IZZATUL AKMAL MOHD ZAKI (2015). Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic of dyes adsorption on biomass based activated carbon.
  9. SHAHREEN IZWAN ANTHONYSAMY (2015). Functionalized adsorbent from biomass for dyes removal: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
  10. SITI AISHAH BT ISHAK (2015); Application of Bioflocculation in textile wastewater treated effluent by coagulation and floculation process.
  11. SITI FATIHAH RAMLI, Coagulation and flocculation process in removing ammonia, colour, suspended solids, turbidity and Chemical Oxygen Demand from landfill leachate using ferric chloride (FeCl3), chitosan and aloe vera, 2016.
  12. SITI ZAWIYAH BAHAROM: Litchi chinensis seed as carbon adsorbent for dyes removal: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies, 2015.
  13. WAN IZATUL SAADIAH BINTI WAN KAMAR, Application of copperas by-product and sago starch in domestic wastewater treatment by coagulation flocculation process, 2016.


  1. NOR AINI BT RAHIM, Potential use of dimocarpuslongan seed as flocculant in landfill leachate treatment, 2015.
  2. NUR IZZATI MOHAMAD SOBRI, Extraction and Application of Starch-Based Coagulants from Sago Trunk for Semi-Aerobic Landfill Leachate Treatment, 2014.
  3. NURUL HAZIQAH BINTI MAT YISIN, Identification of bacteria strain in fully and partially stabilized landfill leachate in relation to leachate biodegradation rate, 2015.
  4. NURULEZZAH ABD RAHIM. River Bank Filtration Using Artificial Barrier For Source of Drinking Water, 2014.
  5. SITI AISYAH AB. RAHMAN. The Effect of Moisture Content as the Causal Mechanism of Odor Concentration (OUM-3), 2015.
  6. SITI NOR HIDAYAH ABU BAKAR, Treatment of Leachate Using Calcinated Limestone for Removal of COD, Ammonia and Color.
  7. SYAFINAH YUSOFF. Validation of simulated Odour Dispersion with in-field Odour Assessment, 2014.
  8. YONG CHIN YII, Utilization of tamarindusindica seed as natural coagulant/flocculant in landfill leachate treatment, 2016.

[updated JULY 2016]