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PhD (Graduated)

  1. ABDALLA MOHAMED M GEBRIL, Biodegradition of Libyan crude oils in marine environment, 2015.
  2. AMIN MOJIRI  Co-treatment of landfill leachate and settled domestic wastewater using composite adsorbent augmented sequencing batch reactor, 2014.
  3. AMIR HOSSEIN VAKILI  Filtration of Broadly Graded Cohesive Dispersive Base Soils, 2015.
  4. FAGBENRO OLUWAKEMI KEHINDE, Removal of color, suspended solids and COD from textile wastewater using clinoptilolite and persulfate in batch system, 2015.
  5. HAIDER MOHAMMED NAIMA Removal of COD, turbidity and ammonia from pulp and paper mill effluent using a modified hybridized anaerobic inclining-baffled(MHAI-B) bioreactor, 2016.
  6. MUHAMMAD ANUAR KAMARUDDIN, Development of Carbon Mineral Composite Adsorbent for Textile Wastewater Treatment, Graduated, 2015.
  7. MUHD NAZMI BIN ISMAIL, The effectiveness of activated carbon from pandanus leaves as an adsorbent in the removal of ammonia, chromium, colour and chemical oxygen demand (COD) from prawn farming waste water(As main supervisor), 2015.
  8. NOOR AINEE ZAINOL. DiplaziumEsculentum Leaf As A Natural Coagulant And Coagulant Aid For Potential Application In Landfill Leachate Treatment, 2015.
  9. NUR SHAYLINDA MOHD ZIN Partially stabilized leachate treatment using composite coagulant (prehydrolyzed iron (PHI) and tapioca flour (TF)) by coagulation /flocculation method, 2015.
  10. SITI ROSHAYU HASSAN. Anaerobic digestion of pulp and paper mill effluent (PUPME) using modified anaerobic-baffled (MHA-B) bioreactor, 2015.

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