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Research Grants

   Research grants (2014 onwards)

  1. Analysis on the influence of Environmental, Physical, and Socio-Economic (EPSE) Spatial Variables as applied in Spatial Decision Model for Landfill Site Selection, FRGS/KPT, RM97,500.00, 1/12/203-30/12/2016
  2. Application Of Membrane Bioreactor To produce useful Chemicals From Leachate By C.butyricum , USM (RU) , RM142,300.00, 1/12/2013-30/11/2015
  3. CFF-Novel Low Cost Adsorbent for Colour, COD and NH3-N Removal from Shrimp Pond Wastewater , USM (Jangka Pendek) , RM40,000.00, 15/11/2013-14/11/2015
  4. Characterization of Black Bhales Outcrops in Malaysia as Potential Resources for Unconventional Energy and Precious Metals, USM (Short Term), RM40,000.00, 15/8/2014-14/8/2016
  5. Determination of Growth Characteristics and Influence of Different Flocculants on Algae Cultivated In Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) RUI (2014-2017).
  6. Development and verification of an in silico genome-scake metabolic model from Kluyveromyces marxianus Attc 26548 on ethanol production. USM (RUI), RM 200,000.00, Dec 2014- Dec 2017
  7. Development of a Pilot Plant for Production of a New Material in Treating Municipal Solid Waste Leachate Treatment, RM366,000.00, 1/11/2011-30/4/2014 (Leader: Prof. Hamidi Abdul Aziz).
  8. Development of Composite Coagulant for Treatment of Partially Stabilized Landfill Leachate USM (RU) RM151,260.00 Universiti 14/7/2012-14/7/2016
  9. Development of Durio zibethinus Seed Starch as Novel Natural Coagulant for Landfill LeachateTreatment USM (RU) RM197,000.00 15/7/2012-14/7/2015
  10. Development Of Natural Composite Adsorbent By Means Of Alginate Binder Aid For Landfill Leachate Treatment, USM (RU), RM 157,654.00, 1/3/2015-28/2/2018.
  11. Development of novel modelling approach for optimizing natural organic matter removal in drinking water treatment impacted by climate change, USM (RU) , RM163,000.00, 1/4/2015-1/4/2018
  12. Disaster Relief and Preparedness: Capacity Building for Response and Recovery on Solid Waste Management for Flood Disaster, KPM, RM54200, 1/4/2015-31/12/2015
  13. Energy generation in a microbial fuel cell for biological treatment of sewerage wastewater and sludge. USM (RUI), RM 139,500.00, 15/4/15-14/4/18
  14. Enhancement of biodegradation ratio of anaerobic landfill leachate by ozonation/persulphate process Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi RM126,300.00 Dalam Negara –Kerajaan 1/7/2014-30/6/2016
  15. Exploring the ability of palm oil trunk and selected crop waste to control the toxin-producing cyanobacteria ERGS (2013-2016).
  16. Functionalized thin layer adsorbent for heavy metal removal in wastewater, USM RU-I, RM 145,431.00, Duration: 01/05/2015 – 28/02/2018.
  17. Low-cost carbon adsorbent from agrowaste for wastewater treatment, Knowledge Transfer Programme-KTP Grant, RM129,718, 15/2/2014-14/2/2016
  18. Metabolism Of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Leachate For Acetic And Butyric Acid Conversion By C.Butyricum , Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi , RM79,000.00, 1/12/2013-30/11/2015
  19. Production of Tocopherols, Organic Acids, Bio-Ethanol, Bio-Adhesive and Bio-Corrosion Inhibitor from Oil Palm Frond, USM (RU Team Grant), RM996,000.00, 15/8/2011-14/8/2015
  20. Proposed Study for Copperas (FeS04, 7H20) Sample Received from Tioxide (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. , Tioxide (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. RM4,750.00, 31/10/2013-31/10/2014.
  21. Response of Kluyveromyces marxianus against osmotic stress: Kinetics, mechanism and characterization during very high gravity bioethanol fermentation, FRGS, Ministry of Higher Education, RM135,000.00, 1/12/13- 30/11/2016.
  22. Selective Extraction and Recovery of Heavy Metals Using Facilitated Supported Liquid Membrane RUI (2014-2017).
  23. Solid waste management cluster research, USM (RU Cluster), RM 900,000.00 2014-2017
  24. Spatial decision model with environmental, physical and socio- economic (EPSE) variables for locating sustainable landfills within Peninsular Malaysia USM (RU) RM123,000.00 Universiti 1/12/2013-30/11/2016
  25. Strengthening the versatility of B-Floc application for Extensive Commercialisation Potential Dana Inovasi Awal USM (2014-2015)
  26. Study on Biopolymer Accumulation in Aerobic Granules Developed from Agrobased Industrial Wastewater. Funded by Universiti Sains Malaysia under the Research University (RU) Grant. RM 240,463.00 July 2012 – June 2015.
  27. Suitability Study of Pressmud as An Alternative Material For Landfill Soil Cover Amendment In Minimizing Leaching Capability Of Heavy Metals RUI (2012-2015)
  28. The Development of Bone Replacement Material Using Carbonaceous Materials, USM (Jangka Pendek), 15/6/2012-31/3/2015, 38,500.00.
  29. The effect of moisture content as the causal mechanism of odor concentration, Source: MOHE (FRGS). Value: RM 70,000. Duration: 1/5/2013 - 30/4/2015
  30. The Establishment Of Setback Distance Model For Odour From Palm Oil Mills, RUI, RM 172,800.00 31/12/201431/12/2016
  31. Towards Odour Pollution Regulation for Malaysia: A Comparative Study Between Olfactometry, the Accepted Method of Odour Measurement in Malaysia with Other Proven Techniques Regulated in Japan, Europe and New Zealand , Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, RM100,000.00, 1/8/2012-31/7/2014.
  32. Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion of Palm Oil Mill Effluent with Aerobic Post-Treatment RUI (2011-2015)
  33. Water Quality Study for Green Drainage System (GDS) , IJ Berkat Enterprise , RM20,000.00, 2/1/2013-31/12/2014
  34. Worms as Reactors In Vermicomposting Of Verious Celluloseic And Protein Rich Substrates by Two Earthworm Species: eudrilus eugeniae And Eisenia fetida RUI (2013-2016)