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PhD (On Going)

  1. ABDUL HAKIM BIN SALLEH,PhD, Multiple Criteria Route Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Collection System in Kedah, Malaysia.
  2. DHEEAA AL DEEN ATALLAH ALJUBOURY New Treatment of petroleum wastewater using the combination of solar photo-three catalysts ZnO, TiO2 and photo-Fenton process.
  3. MAHEERA BINTI MOHAMAD (P-WD0005/15(R) ) Minimization of Heavy Metals Migration in Landfill Leachate by Using Admixture of Natural Soil and Sugar Bagasse.
  4. MOHAMAD FIRDAUS MOHAMAD YUSOP. Microwave-assisted activated carbon from agrowastes for dyes removal: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies.
  5. MOHD.SYAZWAN BIN AZMI. UpCaling of membrane bioreactor for acetic and butyric acid production from leachate
  6. MOHD FAIZ MUAZ AHMAD ZAMRI, 2016, Development of Duriozibethinus Seed Starch as Novel Natural Coagulant for Landfill Leachate Treatment (will viva on 19 September 2016)
  7. MUHAMAD FAIZAL BIN PAKIR MOHAMED LATIFF. Development Of Bio-Media From Agricultural Waste To Improve Sullage Water Quality.
  8. MUHD SYAZWAN AZMI “Upscaling of membrane bioreactor for acetic and butyric acid production from leacahte”.
  9. NORFANIZA MOKHTAR, PhD, Self healing by Bacillus sphericus .
  10. NURAZIM BINTI IBRAHIM. River Bank/bed Filtration for Drinking Water Source Abstraction: The Study On Mechanisms of Surface Adsorption and Filter Straining in Porous Media.
  11. ROSE FARAHNADRAH MUNAWAR PhD (P-WD0018/13(R) ), Artificial Barrier Technique in Treating Potable Water in River Bank Filtration.
  12. SARIYAH MAHDZIR. Study of RHA/PFA/CFA adsorbent for removal of dye containing wastewater.
  13. SITI FAIRUS, PhD, Biodegradable of Natural latex.
  14. SITI HAFIZAN BINTI HASSAN. Estimating construction waste generation using materials flow analysis approach.
  15. SITI NOR FARHANA ZAKARIA Performance Of Ozone/Zrcl4 Oxidation In Stabilized Landfill Leachate Treatment.
  16. SITI ZUBAIDAH BINTI AHMAD,PhD, Development of an Optimal Sustainable Landfill Siting Model Based On The Spatial Characteristics Of Present Landfills.
  17. SOHAIB K.M. ABUJAYYAB,PhD, Utilizing GIS to develop spatial decision support model for Landfill Site Selection (LSS) using Multivariate Analysis and Artificial Neural Network ANN.
  18. WAN MOHD HAFIZ FAISAL WAN HARUN. Functionalized carbon material for gas separation application.
  19. YASMIN SYAFIQAH RAZALI “Comparison between physical and chemical extraction for butyric and acetic acid from leachate fermented by C.butyricum”.
  20. ZAIDI BIN AB GHANI- Study on Hybrid Ag-Co Nanoparticles Loaded Activated Carbon on Wastewater Treatment.

[updated JULY 2016]